A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"The Last Faun is a companion based adventure game attempting to create an enjoyable experience between the player and the computer controlled AI companion. Using an innovative control system and striking cartoon visuals TLF tells a short but engaging story between a boy and his Faun."


The Last Faun is a game I created with a friend of mine last August. Since then the game has stagnated and it occured to me we never uploaded a proper build for people to play (aside from updating our indieDB page).

Ive been working on some personal projects since then and Id be curious to see what people think of this one. There are some issues with the control input being confusing (although it does work technically, I think its just designed poorly) but I think its a neat concept anyway.

Use WASD to control the Kid and E to interact with doors and switches.

The mouse controls the Faun, click and swipe the mouse in the corret direction, releasing when the gesture is complete.

Up and Down arrows = swipe the mouse up / down.

Rotate arrow = draw a circle on screen with the mouse.

Should be 5 levels in total.

If you want to chat to the devs our twitters are @jonnywallaceP and @Kingpinben

Install instructions

For Windows Users:
Simply download the .RAR file of the game and extract. Run the Unity .EXE to launch the game. 

For Mac Users:
Simply download the .RAR file of the game and extract. Run whatever the Mac equivalent to an .EXE is and launch the game. 


The_Last_Faun_Windows.rar 34 MB
The_Last_Faun_Mac.zip 51 MB